WEST JORDAN — A 15-year-old who police believe is responsible for an extensive vandalism spree, including slashed tires and arson, has been arrested.

The teen is believed to have slashed more than 100 tires on vehicles mainly in the Jordan Highlands subdivision since Labor Day weekend, broken into vehicles, and set at least two fires in a Dumpster at West Hills Middle School. He was booked into juvenile detention. Police would not release his name.

"There's a lot of volume," said West Jordan Police Sgt. Drew Sanders. "Just the sheer numbers of tires and cars damaged, slashed and vandalized." 

The investigation into all of the boy's potential crimes was continuing Tuesday. Detectives searched the boy's bedroom Monday night for additional evidence.

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The break for investigators came when the teen allegedly stole a cell phone from a vehicle and then tried to sell it. He was in contact by text messages with a potential buyer when the cell phone's owner switched her old number to her new phone. She then started getting text messages from the person who was about to buy her phone, Sanders said.

When the potential buyer and the phone owner figured out what was happening, she contacted police.

Sanders said detectives were unsure Tuesday what motivated the teen to go on such a crime spree. "He's not being real forthcoming with us, not giving us the why," he said.

Police believe the teen acted alone.

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