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One Sweet Slice
Janell Brown, owner of One Sweet Slice, will appear on "Cupcake Wars" Sunday night on the Food Network.

Sunday night, Utah's Janell Brown and Kristen Cold will whip up "Star Wars"-themed cupcakes on the popular TV show "Cupcake Wars."

The show consists of four teams, all competing to win $10,000. Each show has a new theme the cupcakes must represent. Although the theme is usually revealed just before the first round, Brown let us in on the secret — "Star Wars" would be the focus for Sunday's episode.

But Brown has had to keep a tight lip regarding the results of the show. With the exception of her husband and kids, Sunday night will be the first time her family and friends will know what happened in Los Angeles.

Even though she's experienced recent fame, Brown hasn't always been on track for the national stage. What started out as a hobby has turned into something much more. After running her business from home for roughly seven years, Brown finally made it official and opened up One Sweet Slice in June 2011 in South Jordan. Since then, things have only gotten bigger.

"We kept having so many people ask us if we had been on the show or if we were going to," Brown said. "So one night we thought, 'Well let's see how we would even go about being on the show.' So we stumbled across one of the producer's email addresses and we emailed them asking how we could apply, and they ended up calling us a few days later asking us to put together an audition video."

Brown and Cold, an employee at One Sweet Slice, were soon notified that they had been selected and needed to be in Los Angeles in one week. Brown said they prepared as much as they could. "We tried to time ourselves on certain things like how long it would take us to make this batter, little things like that. But there's not a whole lot you can do before you're there. And then everything you've planned before goes out the window anyway."

One thing that was surprising to Brown was the "magic" cleanup crew that washed dishes after every round. "I didn't have to wash my dishes!" Brown said. "That part was fun."

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But besides the cleanup, Brown said everything is done just how it is shown on TV. Host Justin Willman is really that cheesy, the carpenters really do work on set, the women that help in the third round are culinary students and the time limit always heightens the intensity.

Overall, Brown said the experience gave her a new perspective and excitement for cupcakes. "It reminded me that there is always a new combination, that you can never say it's all been done before. It has really helped me to try and think outside of the box."

Other Utah competitors have participated on the show, including The Sweet Tooth Fairy, whose founder, Megan Faulkner Brown, took home $10,000 this past April.

"Cupcake Wars" will air Sunday night on the Food Network at 6 p.m. MDT.

Sarah Sanders Petersen is an intern for Deseret News where she writes for Mormon Times and other feature articles. She attends Brigham Young University and is studying Communications.