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"Emerald City" is by Alicia K. Leppert.

Here are some novels that have crossed our desks recently.


"THE INNOCENT," by David Baldacci, Grand Central Publishing, $27.99, 422 pages (f)

When hitman Will Robie refuses to kill a target, he puts himself in the crosshairs. As he leaves, he runs into 14-year-old Julie, who is running away from her most recent foster home. She was the witness of her parents' murder and her life is in danger. Will decides to help her find her parents' killer and as he digs deeper he finds connections to their deaths and his target.

"MYSTERY WRITERS OF AMERICA PRESENTS VENGEANCE," edited by Lee Child, Mulholland Books, $24.99, 384 pages (f)

Lee Child brings together 21 stories by mystery and suspense writers who penned tales about men and women who take the law into their own hands.

More hardback books recently released:

"THE BOOK OF MADNESS AND CURES," by Regina O'Melveny (f): It's the 16th century, and when Gabriella Mondini's father disappears, she can no longer practice medicine. She sets out across Europe with two servants to find him, following a trail of letters.

"THE SEA IS MY BROTHER," by Jack Kerouac (f): This novel was initially written in 1943 by hand and later, the manuscript was considered lost. It's based on Jack Kerouac's experiences as a merchant mariner.

"THE RAGE OF THE DRAGON," by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman (f): In this third installment of the Dragonships series, the Vindrasi clan finds themselves in the middle of a larger war among gods, dragons and ogres as they must sail into the empire of the Cyclops to find a primal dragon, but a new enemy must also be combated.

"THE FIRST WARM EVENING OF THE YEAR," by Jamie M. Saul (f): Geoffrey Tremont is asked to be the executor of the estate of Laura Welles, a college friend whom he hasn't been in touch with in a couple of decades, and goes to Shady Grove, N.Y., to tie up the loose ends. He learns more about himself from influential people in her life.

"THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME," by Allison Winn Scotch (f): Nell Slattery has no memory of her life when she wakes up after being in a horrific plane crash and slowly pieces her life back together — learning to forgive betrayals and find happiness.

"COME HOME," by Lisa Scottoline (f): Jill Farrow's life is getting back on track after a divorce when her ex-stepdaughter shows up with news that her dad is dead and insists he was murdered. Jill reluctantly agrees to help look into it but finds things that don't add up and threaten their hard-earned peace in this thriller.

"GOLIATH," by Susan Woodring (f): Goliath is a declining North Carolina furniture manufacturing town where Rosamund Rogers' boss commits suicide and she tries to help find out what happened and help her small community.

"THE LORD GOD BIRD," by Tom Gallant (f): When a lonely widower catches a glimpse of the Ivory Billed Woodpecker, nicknamed "The Lord God Bird," which was thought to be extinct, scientists and others descend on their small community in search of the elusive bird.

"THE STOLEN BRIDE," by Tony Hays (f): In this fourth installment in his Arthurian mystery series, King Arthur's trusted one-armed counselor, Malgwyn, goes to broker a deal between warring tribes, and when they arrive, the king is murdered and the young queen asks for help to find his killer.

"SHADOW BLIZZARD: The Chronicles of Siala," by Alexey Pehov (f): In this series finale, master thief Shadow Harold and his companions have made it to the tomb Hrad Spein in search of the magic horn they need to defeat their enemies, but old habits of working alone aren't easily discarded and Shadow Harold thinks he needs to do this last part of the quest alone. Series was originally published in Russian.


"EMERALD CITY," by Alicia K. Leppert, Sweetwater Books, $17.99, 320 pages (f)

Olivia has never felt more alone — her father left when she was a girl and her mother recently committed suicide. As she contemplates her life — lonely with only a job at a diner — it takes the sacrifice of a guardian angel to help bring life into hers.

More paperback books recently released:

"THE LIFEBOAT," by Charlotte Rogan (f): When there are too many people in a lifeboat after an ocean liner malfunctions, they have to decide that if any of them are going to survive, someone will have to die.

"MOONBLOOD," by Anne Elisabeth Stengl (f): After a prince banishes his friend to regain the trust of the kingdom, he seeks to rescue her from her evil goblin father.

"THE ICE CREAM GIRLS," by Dorothy Koomson (f): As teenagers, two girls dubbed "The Ice Cream Girls" were the only known witnesses to a high-profile murder — Poppy was convicted and sent to prison and Serena was set free. When Poppy is released, she seeks out Serena to set the record straight.

"LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE: A Kate Conway Mystery," by Clare O'Donohue (f): Kate Conway, a television producer, finds herself juggling two shows, including one with the restaurant of Vera, her late estranged husband's lover. There is an unexpected murder of one of the restaurant's investors, and Vera is the main suspect in this psychological thriller.

"BECAUSE SOMETIMES YOU JUST GOTTA DRAW A COVER WITH YOUR LEFT HAND," by Stephan Pastis (f): A "Pearls Before Swine" collection.

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"TEAMWORK MEANS YOU CAN'T PICK THE SIDE THAT'S RIGHT," by Scott Adams (f): A collection of "Dilbert" comics.

"ZOMBIE PARENTS AND OTHER HOPES FOR A MORE PERFECT WORLD: Zits Sketchbook 15," by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman: A collection of "Zits" comics.


"THE EYE OF THE WORLD: Book 1 of The Wheel of Time," by Robert Jordan (f); "BEST STAGED PLANS," by Claire Cook (f); "2030: The Real Story of What Happens to America," by Albert Brooks (f); "DRACULA," by Bram Stoker, illustrated by Becky Cloonan

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