The new site answers 15 most asked questions about Mormonism.

Mormon topics: I may explain this more in-depth in an upcoming column, but I wanted to point you toward the new site dedicated to answering 15 of the most asked questions about Mormonism. Questions like, “Are Mormons Christians?” and “Who was Joseph Smith?” and “Do Mormons belong to a cult?” Check it out!

Helping hands: “On June 29, 2012 a major thunderstorm downed trees and cut power to tens of thousands in Southern New Jersey. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon Helping Hands) and United Methodist Church (UMCOR) were asked to help senior and disabled citizens from the community cut and move downed trees. Religious affiliation was irrelevant to service.” That last line is one of the coolest lines I’ve ever read. This new video animation highlights the “Mormon Helping Hands Tree Cleanup, Southern New Jersey, July-August 2012.” Awesome. And see how many hours were spent, as well as how much money was saved by some men and women willing to serve. Love it!

Brazil temple: Bloggernacle reader Murilo Vicente virtually sent me, from all the way down in Brazil, a note to check out these gorgeous photos of the “Templo de Campinas Lua” (Campinas Brazil Temple). Oh, my. Look at the moon! Look at the temple! So incredible. Take a look!

Women’s conference: Whet your appetite for the upcoming general Relief Society meeting with this handy list of the “2012 BYU Women’s Conference Transcripts,” which include messages from the newly called General Relief Society presidency. Click in to download and enjoy.

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