Brian Nicholson, Deseret News
Candidate Celina Milner talks with supporters during a fundraising event for the six hispanic women candidates for the state legislature, in Salt Lake City Tuesday, August 28, 2012

SALT LAKE CITY — A candidate running for state office in House District 34 said she was the victim of unwanted phone calls and text messages by her ex-boyfriend, leading to a stalking charge filed against the man Wednesday in 3rd District Court.

Celina Milner declined to comment Wednesday, calling the complaint a personal matter.

The charging documents allege repeated contact by Hector Ramon Martinez, 32, who now faces a misdemeanor charge of stalking for actions between March and July.

On March 7, Martinez  became upset when he saw Milner with her ex-husband at her gym, the documents state. "Ms. Milner stated that the defendant is texting her 2-4 times a day as well as leaving her numerous voicemail messages," the documents states.

Police contacted the defendant on April 4 and instructed him to cease all communications, noting criminal charges could be pursued if he didn't stop the contact.

Milner reported to police that between April 25 and June 2 the defendant attempted to contact her numerous times, driving by the candidate's residence, sending her flowers, and continuing with phone calls, suspected from a blocked number.

A detective contacted Martinez on July 27, and he admitted to repeatedly contacting Milner.

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