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AUDIO<br><br> 4. "Code Word," Traci Hunter Abramson

A list of Deseret Book's top-selling products for Aug. 27-Sept. 1.


1. "The Beginning of Better Days: Divine Instruction to Women from the Prophet Joseph Smith," Sheri L. Dew and Virginia H. Pearce

A collection of minutes from the original Nauvoo Relief Society, with personal essays from Dew and Pearce.

2. "What's on the Other Side: What the Gospel Teaches Us About the Spirit World," Brent L. Top

A detailed and doctrinal look at death and the spirit world.

3. "Becoming His: A Daily Journey Toward Discipleship," Emily Freeman

An outline and pattern for our personal journey to discipleship.

4. "Mormons: An Open Book," Anthony Sweat

An open look at the core beliefs of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

5. "Let It Go," Chris Williams

The true story of unforgettable tragedy and forgiveness.

6. "Forget Me Not," Dieter F. Uchtdorf

The newest book from President Dieter F. Uchtdorf helps women remember they are not forgotten.

7. "Michael Vey 2: Rise of the Elgen," Richard Paul Evans

The second book in the Michael Vey series.

8. "The Temple Experience: Passage to Healing and Wholeness," Wendy Ulrich

Insights into the blessings that come from the holy temple.

9. "Tres Leches Cupcakes," Josi Kilpack

A new adventure from the culinary author, Josi Kilpack.

10. "Come to Zion: The Winds and the Waves," Dean Hughes

The first in a new series from Dean Hughes.


1. "Begin," David Archuleta

2. "Scripture Power," compilation

3. "Glory!: Music of Rejoicing," Mormon Tabernacle Choir

4. "EFY 2012: Arise and Shine Forth," EFY

5. "This is the Christ," Mormon Tabernacle Choir


1. "17 Miracles"

2. "Zack and Zoey Explore the Articles of Faith"

3. "Mormon Messages"

4. "Saints and Soldiers" (DVD)

5. "Forever Strong"


1. "What’s on the Other Side: What the Gospel Teaches Us About the Spirit World," Brent Top

2. "5 Scriptures that Will Motivate You to Action," John Bytheway

3. "For All Eternity," John Lund

4. "Code Word," Traci Hunter Abramson

5. "The John Bytheway Collection," John Bytheway

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