We have just one daughter, so that means only one wedding to plan — from a bride’s standpoint, anyway. Courtnie was the first of our four children to get married and, never having done this before, I was surprised at how much detail work — and expense — goes into even the simplest of plans.

All this came to mind again after my friend mentioned her grandson was marrying a girl on the same day that four of her siblings were getting married. All five weddings were scheduled one right after the other on the very same day in the same temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Can you even imagine marrying off five of your eight children at once?

Their story is highly unusual and pretty amazing. So, this Sunday, on “Mormon Times TV,” you’ll meet the family and see how they made it all work — from the multiple invitations and cakes, to the wedding day and joint reception for the five couples. And we’ll Skype with the parents who raised these siblings who were so willing to compromise and help each other on one of the biggest days of their lives.

Plus, we’ll have a story that has one Utah family thinking in threes. You’ll see how Mark and Hillary Maxwell’s life changed dramatically with the birth of triplets. It’s a story of relying on faith, on each other and on the goodness of family and friends.

Speaking of children, many couples ask how they can get their kids to work. Why does it often seem so hard? Parenting experts Richard and Linda Eyre will be along with ideas for helping our children develop a strong work ethic.

Also on our Sept. 9 show, you’ll see how former Mormon Tabernacle Choir singers traveled to the jungles of Guatemala to share a great gift — a first for the members there.

And, with football season under way, we check in with former Brigham Young University and professional player Chad Lewis. He’s all about surrounding yourself with greatness and giving back to the community. You’ll see why that’s so important to him and how he’s doing that in his own life.

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