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Cheryl Senter, Syfy
KJ McCormack, left, Britt Griffith, Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes on Syfy's "Ghost Hunters." The show returns Wednesday with 14 episodes without Wilson.

This week, Syfy's hit show and longest-running unscripted series, “Ghost Hunters,” will return to finish its eighth season with 14 new episodes, the first of which starts Wednesday at 7 p.m.

“Ghosts Hunters” follows a team of paranormal investigators from The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) as they visit various sites across the country where witnesses have experienced inexplicable encounters with entities from the realm of the mysterious and otherworldly.

TAPS uses a variety of specialized equipment and methods to try to communicate with or at least capture evidence of the reported paranormal activity, including electronic voice recordings, thermal imaging and specialized motion sensors.

The return of “Ghost Hunters” this week is significant because its last episode in May before the mid-season break was also the final investigation of Grant Wilson, one of the co-founders of TAPS. Now the team is led solely by the society's other co-founder, Jason Hawes, and is left in a state of transition.

In upcoming episodes, the members of the team will shuffle around to determine who will be taking on new responsibilities and what other adjustments will need to be made.

This week, the team travels to Charleston, S.C., to investigate the historic Old City Jail. According to legend, America's first female serial killer was held at the location before her execution. Visitors to the site as well as the tour staff have reported incidents of feeling choked, the appearance of mysterious rope burns and scratches, as well as other unexplained phenomena occurring particularly to female visitors.

It's not long after TAPS gets set up and begins its investigation that team members begin to experience strange events of their own. And the investigation becomes even more intense when a woman on “Ghost Hunters” production crew begins to be adversely affected by being present on the site.

Next week, on Sept. 12, the team will visit Georgia's Camp Rutledge to investigate reports of drowning victims from the nearby lake visiting the camp as well as other phenomena that Hawes believes is caused by elemental spirits created by nature to protect itself from encroaching forces.

The team will also visit the home of a young mother in Marion, N.C., to determine if a ghost is trying to hurt her daughter.

Fans of the show will see a different dynamic arise in the team with the absence of Wilson, and they'll also notice that the show has added more sound effects and background music to its production to make scenes appear more intense or scary.

As always, “Ghost Hunters” offers very little in the way of intellectual edification and may be disturbing to younger and more sensitive viewers. But while it may not be a good choice for family night, anyone looking to add a little spooky or creepy entertainment to their Wednesday evening will find it on Syfy at 7 p.m.