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Information about the upcoming Boise Idaho Temple Open House.

Boise Temple: I feel like I’m featuring a lot of these temple open house invitations, but that’s a good thing because it means there are a lot of temple open houses. Enjoy the newest, the “Boise Temple Open House Invitation,” and then share and virtually invite your friends to attend.

Google Plus tip: Jesse Stay, LDS author of “Google+ Marketing For Dummies,” reached out on Facebook with this fantastic tip: “Here's an idea for all of you to never miss anything the LDS Church posts. 1. Go to Google+ and circle all the Church Pages there in an ‘Official LDS’ circle. 2. Click on the circle in the options at the top of your newsfeed so you're only seeing the posts from the ‘Official LDS’ circle. 3. In the upper-right, there will be a slider. If you slide that all the way to the right, it will send you email notifications of every post the Church makes on Google+. 4. Now, +1, comment, and share for every post — on every post you do this, it improves authority for each post and improves our visibility on the web!” What a great idea. If you are using Google+ (or even if you are not), click in to set it up!

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72-hour kit: With all the news about Hurricane Isaac this week hitting the southern United States, this blogger’s “DIY 72-Hour Kit Food Supplies List” seems most timely. She includes tips for preparing your kits as well as printable lists of supplies. There are even additional articles on container and personal items and more. It’s almost made too easy to get your house (or at least your 72-hour kit) in order.

Visiting teaching: It’s the last day of the month and thus a perfect time to get ready for next month’s visiting teaching with this sweet printable, “Handout for September 2012 Visiting Teaching.” Click in to view, download, print, then give.

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