Philanthropists now have a one-stop shop in which to connect with and investigate charities thanks to a new website launched and developed by The Laura and John Arnold Foundation.

"The new (website) is called the Giving Library and includes videos from 250 nonprofits hoping to catch the attention of donors who visit the site," according to The Chronicle of Philanthropy. "The videos detail each organization’s history, mission, challenges and plans as well as the results they have achieved."

Billionaire John Arnold and his wife were looking to invest more time and money in philanthropy and found that searching for the right nonprofit and meeting with executive directors was an arduous and inefficient process, according to a Forbes article. Their website aims to streamline the process.

“We saw a need to create more efficiency in the system to have a more organized vision of receiving and processing information on nonprofits,” explained Laura Arnold to Forbes.

The couple is taking a hands-on approach in managing and maintaining the most efficient and productive website possible.

"The Arnolds have invited hundreds of nonprofits to participate in the Giving Library, worked with them to polish their scripts and arranged video shoots in one of three cities," according to a Philanthropy News Digest article. "The couple plans to expand the project to include more organizations, and nonprofits can apply through the Giving Library site to be considered."

If the website lives up to its vision, it will offer a unique avenue for philanthropists to maximize their time and money.

“There is not currently a way for philanthropists to quickly but substantively look into a large number of giving opportunities,” wrote Meredith Johnson, a spokeswoman for the Arnold fund, in a written response to The Chronicle of Philanthropy. “The Giving Library addresses that need. Individuals will be able to easily locate, study and engage with organizations that fit their giving criteria. What would have taken months or even years of meetings and travel can now be done in a matter of days, from anywhere.”