ROY — A series of small fires in a Roy neighborhood has residents on edge and police questioning suspects in search of an arsonist.

One fire was started on a boat. Another was set on the side of a house near an electrical box. And the suspected crimes also include three doorbells set on fire and two broken windows near 4800 South and 3700 West.

Police spokesperson Anna Bond said Monday investigators had interviewed “multiple suspects,” though no arrests had been made.

Jim Scott said he believes the spree started with a window broken at a home across the street from him in recent months. Then, in July, Scott said he discovered that somebody tried to set his boat on fire.

“I just started cussin’ fireworks,” Scott said. “And as I was unsnapping the cover as I was going, that’s when the notebook paper fell out from underneath the cover.”

The paper appeared to have been set on fire, Scott said.

Tuesday,  Scott said he was awakened by his dogs barking.  At the same time, Scott said a neighbor came to the door and told him his home was on fire.  He was able to quickly extinguish the blaze on the side of the home.

“Another five minutes and this would have been a whole different story,” Scott said.

Scott also discovered his doorbell had been singed and a brick from his yard had been thrown through a window.

Next-door neighbor Gabriel Leon said he learned that day from his granddaughter that his doorbell had been charred by a small fire.

“You never have no idea of what can happen, you know,” Leon said. “Maybe he comes back again, maybe he won’t.”

In the time between last Tuesday’s fires and Scott’s boat fire in July, Scott said another next-door neighbor’s doorbell was set on fire.  At that home, two blackened wires were visible Monday where the doorbell once was placed.

Bond tried to ease fears, saying “multiple suspects” had been interviewed and that was helping to “contain some of the vandalism.”

But Scott said he worries about his other neighbors.

“We have people in this neighborhood that are elderly and they can hardly get around, much less get out of the house in a hurry,” Scott said.