The "A Year in FHE" blogger and the ABC World News cameraman.

ABC News: I was excited to see that the “A Year of FHE” blogger’s family was featured on ABC World News last week as an example of how Mormon families hold family home evening. “On Monday of this week I got an email from ABC News. "Spam" I thought. But it wasn't. It was from a lovely ABC news researcher who informed me she was doing a show on LDS life, now that Mitt Romney is running for President, and had looked up family home evening. She came across my blog and wanted to do a phone interview. We set up a phone call for Tuesday afternoon. She was so nice and asked lots of questions about family home evenings, our faith, our life as Latter-day Saints. I was pretty at ease and well spoken. So much so that she asked if she might send a crew out the following day to film our family having family home evening. "Sure!" I said. She let me know she would contact me Wednesday morning and let me know.” Click in to see what happened next. And click here to find a link to the relevant portion of the ABC News Mormon special.

Storm Isaac: Missions in Florida are bracing for Tropical Storm Isaac to hit this week. The president's office of the Florida Orlando Mission reports, “We’re just waiting to see which way Isaac heads. All forecasts show that the FOM Mission will not be too hard hit but will receive plenty of rain and some winds much like Debbi.” And this senior couple in the Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission was happy that “Thankfully — at least for Florida — Isaac has moved to the West and the eye will probably miss all of Florida except the Keys. However this is not of course good for wherever it ends up coming ashore. I have found it somewhat hard to pray that our mission might be spared when this means some other mission will be affected.” Wow. Check it out.

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