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"I'm Here to Win" is by triathlete Chris McCormack.

"I'M HERE TO WIN: A World Champion's Advice for Peak Performance," by Chris McCormack with Tim Vandehey, Center Street, $27.99, 254 pages (nf)

Chris "Macca" McCormack will go down in history as one of, if not, the best triathlete in history because he has taken first place in about 70 percent of the races he has ever entered.

In his autobiography "I'm Here to Win: A World Champion's Advice for Peak Performance," McCormack offers a glimpse into his life and the world of triathlon and endurance racing.

The book chronicles his career and life in the intense and challenging life of a professional triathlete, offers insights into how each of people can improve their training or take the next step for those who haven't started, while provides inspiration and motivation for all to take their health and fitness to an improved level.

The book starts off talking about McCormack's first trip to Kona, Hawaii, for the Hawaii Ironman World Championship. He entered that race confident, ready to attack the race, and expecting to win as he had so many times before, but he lost.

McCormack provides an inside look into how a loss like this can propel one to work harder and learn what is needed to get to the next level.

As the book progresses, readers learn more about who McCormack is as a person, learning how he started his career as an accountant and one day deciding he was not cut out for that type of work and leaving the field to compete in triathlons.

The reader is shown insight into who he is with the tragic events of the loss of his best mate and friend, Sean Maroney, and also his mother to cancer, who both serve as inspiration to him. The book also describes his eventful triumph to finally win the race of all races in triathlon: The Hawaii Ironman World Championship.

The layout is very reader friendly with interesting and compelling stories with his colorful and entertaining way of describing things. The book provides tips called "Macca's (W)insights" which provide the reader tips on how they can become better triathletes or if one isn't a triathlete, tips that can help in whatever fitness event or level he or she may be in.

Finally, McCormack provides an overall inspiration and motivation that can inspire one to start training.

Whether one is a novice or an expert endurance racer, this book is a good read for anyone looking to get into endurance racing and improve his or her overall fitness.

Jordan Morrow currently resides northern Utah, and concentrates his work on literature.