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"My Lucky Stars" is a story of one woman's change of heart by Michele Paige Holmes.

"MY LUCKY STARS," by Michele Paige Holmes, Covenant Communications, $17.99, 314 pages (f)

“My Lucky Stars” by Michele Paige Holmes is a nostalgic book with a sweet but over-the-top storyline. Full of cheesy moments, this book will likely only appeal to young women.

Tara Mollagen is a young adult who is used to having everything her way. Working as a high-powered real estate agent in Los Angeles, Tara can afford to buy expensive clothes and accessories.

Because Tara finds herself alone for the holidays, she boards a plane to Colorado, planning a week of spa trips with her friends. But when her plane is rerouted to Salt Lake City, Tara finds that she cannot control everything.

Stranded at the airport with no luggage or money, Tara is forced to accept the generosity of Benjamin Whitmore. She travels with him and his sister’s family to their home, until she can figure out what she is going to do.

As luck would have it, Benjamin is helping his sister drive to Colorado. Reluctantly, Tara accepts their invitation to tag along.

Benjamin is disgusted with Tara’s spoiled attitude and tries to teach her a lesson in humility. When things don’t work out as planned, Benjamin sees Tara in a new light.

Many months later Tara decides to move to Seattle, where her friend introduces her to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Tara doesn’t know if she is able to make the extreme lifestyle changes the Mormon religion requires.

“My Lucky Stars” is a book about faith, love and trust. Though the storyline is unbelievable, it is a touching story about the gospel’s ability to change hearts.

The best part of the book is when Ben takes Tara shopping at a Deseret Industries store. Tara’s reaction to buying used clothes is humorous and entertaining.

Overall, “My Lucky Stars” is a quick read that would satisfy a reader’s craving for an uplifting story.

Michelle Paige Holmes is a native of Utah and the author of “Counting Star,” “All the Stars in Heaven” and "Captive Heart."

Shelby Scoffield is a graduate of Brigham Young University and a graduate student at California State University, Stanislaus.