Brenda Stanley
This easy corn on the cob is buttery and flavorful.

Corn on the cob is such a symbol of summertime food. It is a great complement to just about anything grilled and is perfect for eating outside. Right now is the time of year when fresh corn is at its best. The kernels are tender and sweet. It can be found at roadside stands, in huge bins at the grocery store or, better yet, in your own garden.

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Corn on the cob in one of my favorite things to eat, but until recently, it was one of my least favorite things to make. Shucking is a pain; boiling and trying to remove cobs from the hot water without burning yourself can be challenging; then trying to butter it while the corn is still hot often translates into too much work. But I’ve found a way to make buttery, flavorful corn on the cob that is so easy, now I make it year-round!


4 ears of corn (shucked and cleaned — no getting out of this unless you can persuade the kids to do it)

3 tablespoons of soft butter or margarine

1 teaspoon salt

Hot sauce, taco sauce, lemon pepper or whatever seasoning you desire

Mix the butter and salt in a small bowl. If desired, stir in a couple drops of Tabasco or some other seasoning. Using a paper towel to keep your hands clean, spread the butter mixture over each cob. Place on a plate and microwave for 7 to 8 minutes until done. No need to butter or salt — it is ready to go! You’ll be surprised at how easy and delicious this recipe is.

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