Columbia Pictures
Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a scene from "Premium Rush."
  • Language and profanity: Profanity is used a lot in this film, including one use of the F-word. There is also threatening and demeaning language used.
  • Violence: Much of the violence comes from a bad cop. He threatens and hurts people physically. Organized crime members are seen punching a man, and there are guns used. Imagined scenarios show people being run over or hit by vehicles, but no blood is involved.
  • Organized crime: Gambling halls and loan sharks are shown within the underground community.
This is a hero film, but the hero doesn't obey laws and does not stop for police. With the language and violence, a good audience for this movie would be an age 15-plus crowd. There is a scene at a bar that has the main characters appearing tipsy. There is a good underlying message of doing what is right, but it is secondary to the action.

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