Loa Blasucci, All Health's Breaking Loose
Cheetah apples are a crunchy and sweet super snack for kids. They are loaded with protein, manganese, calcium, vitamin C and fiber.

When it comes to weight management, snacking can be a hurdle you have to continually jump over. As the owner/operator of the All Health’s Breaking Loose Wellness Camp in Los Angles, my campers and I are like mad scientists in the lab, ever in search of snacks that not only taste yummy (that’s the easy part) but are made of super foods that heal the body (now there’s the challenge).

Michell Doud, one of my campers in the last session and a young mother, was focused on kid friendly, after school snacks. She had incorporated super foods in to her diet and could see not only her body slimming down, but she was feeling peaceful and calm, and had energy to burn. It was at that point she decided to get creative and come up with something that her kids would like and offer them the same benefits.

And wow, she came up with a winner! She started with a sure thing — apples. Then added chia seeds and coconut. She made them for her kids first and after they went crazy for it, she brought us a sample. It was unanimously agreed that this sweet and crunchy snack was something special. They’re spotted and fun so I’m calling them “Cheetah Apples!” I had them for breakfast recently and they were fantastic.

Cheetah Apples

Mix equal parts of chia seeds and finely shredded coconut together in a bowl

Roll the sliced apples in mixture to coat evenly. They become a cheetah spotted super snack.

Note: Bob’s finely shredded coconut coats the apples best, it is more finely shredded and combines well with the chia seeds. They taste different with more coarsely shredded coconut.

— Michelle Doud

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