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"Targets in Ties: A Secret Sisters Mystery" is by Tristi Pinkston.

"TARGETS IN TIES: A Secret Sisters Mystery," by Tristi Pinkston, Walnut Springs Press, $16.99, 258 pages (f)

Ida Mae, Arlette and Tansy: The three "Secret Sisters" are back at it again with another foray into mystery and sleuthing. In her new book “Targets In Ties,” author Tristi Pinkston returns with her trusty elderly detectives as they stumble into and out of a mysterious Mexican adventure.

Ren, Ida Mae’s nephew, is about to be released from his Mormon mission in Mexico, so the ladies decide to take a vacation and see some ancient sites before they pick him up. During their first stop at Chichen Itza, Ida Mae catches sight of a notorious antiquities thief, Manuel Gonzales. Of course, she can’t ignore such a thing and begins to watch and see what the escaped criminal is doing. She is totally shocked when Gonzales abducts her but then asks for help in proving that he is innocent of all the charges against him.

The adventure that follows is full of excitement, humor, intrigue and a little bit of worry for self-preservation. Ida Mae, Arlette and Tansy are up for the adventure, but there are times when they wonder if they will succeed in their task — or in keeping their lives. And all the while, they are trying to meet up with Ren and take him home to America.

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Pinkston has found a delicious chemistry with her three elderly detectives, the combo offering a good balance of humor and interesting sleuth work. Each of her "Secret Sisters" has a unique personality that fits with the story and gives balance to the experience. Readers will be delighted by the practicality of Arlette, the persistence of Ida Mae, and the befuddlement and inspiration of Tansy as they pursue their goals in this mystery.

This entertaining story is written as an experience of a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and has many references to spiritual and normal daily parts to that lifestyle. The violence described is mild, but can be intense at times.

Pinkston’s blog for the Secret Sisters series is at www.secretsistersmysteries.blogspot.com.

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