• Scary: The main character, Norman, likes the macabre and can speak with the dead, so there are some darker elements in the story but nothing drastic. Zombies appear and are trying to get the town's citizens to act on their behalf. A witch has cursed the town and returns to collect on what she feels is owed.
  • Violence: The zombies are threatening townspeople and are hit by objects and vehicles. Norman also gets bullied in school.
  • Moral: This film explains that it is acceptable to be scared. The advisement is to not let being scared change the person you are.
There is some humor in this film that will go over the heads of younger viewers. Most of it involves signs around the town and is fairly subtle. If you have children that are easily scared, have them watch the trailer to see if they can handle the film. This is pretty much a film for an age 8-plus audience.

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