A screen shot from NBA superstar Blake Griffin's Instragram feed.

Sin differently: “You might be a Mormon if you've seen this quote before, or you might be one of NBA super-star Blake Griffin's 188K Instagram followers. Yesterday, Blake Griffin shared an image of a version of a quote by Mormon church leader, President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, from his April 2012, LDS general conference talk, 'The Merciful Obtain Mercy.'" So explains the Sistas in Zion in this fun post about how “NBA’s Blake Griffin Pubs a Mormon Quote.” I think my favorite thing about it all is the missionary hashtag someone included on the thread: #haveyouheardoftheLDSchurch(Mormon). Awesome.

Family history: Did you miss the 2012 Family History and Genealogy Conference held earlier this month at BYU? No problems, this genealogist recounts “Some Things I Learned at the BYU FH&Gen Conf,” including these interesting tidbits: “FamilySearch Family Tree is the new interface for 'new FamilySearch.' They reported that nFS needs to be removed as soon as possible after FS Family Tree has all the capabilities since you can change some things in FS FT that can't be changed in nFS, so if you make changes in FS FT, they don't show in nFS. If you delete something in FS FT, it may still show in nFS. You can now add source URL's in FS FT and edit relationships there, but you can't in nFS. To access FS FT you use your LDS account and sign up (just need to do this once) at Then when you go to and sign in with your LDS account you see a new tab called "Family Tree" which shows your data in the new format. You can edit your temple ordinance requests in FS FT, but you still have to initiate them in nFS. And “Jill Crandall, director of the BYU Center for Family History and Genealogy, is producing a new program (beta test soon) called ResearchTies that helps with research logs and sources. The URL is” Fascinating! Check out his entire list.

President Monson: In honor of President Thomas S. Monson’s birthday celebration tonight, I thought I’d find a blogger’s testimony of the prophet. I found a delightful one called “Meeting President Monson.” Click in to see what happened!

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