Phil Bray, Disney
From left, Jennifer Garner, CJ Adams and Joel Edgerton in "The Odd Life Of Timothy Green."

  • Rating: ‚ÄúTimothy Green" comes close to being a G-rated film. There is one use of a mild profanity, but no other bad language is used. One girl is kicked in the face by a boy and there are scenes of bullying in school and at work.
  • Lesson: Acceptance is the lesson taught in this film. The kids and adults learn that even though someone may be a little different from others, everyone is a person and deserves respect.
  • Another message: A lesser message in this film is that we need to look to the positive side of things to keep ourselves going. We do not need to dwell on the negative; otherwise, we may just wallow in our own pity.

This is a good family film, but it does come up a little short when it comes to a connection between the audience and the cast. The story seems to glide over things pretty quickly without delving deep. Because this film is fairly clean, it would be good for almost anyone to see regardless of age.

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