MARRIOTT-SLATERVILLE, Weber County — A team of armed officers keep showing up at Jim Skaggs' door, even though he's done nothing wrong.

The Weber County man moved into his Marriott-Slaterville home 4 ½ years ago. "Shortly after we move in, we had our first visit" from the police, Skaggs said. The officers were armed with guns and looking for an ex-convict.

"We said we just bought the house and we didn't know who he was and he wasn't here," Skaggs said.

A few months later, police officers showed up once again looking for the same man. Just like the previous time, they were fully armed with semi-automatic rifles.

"I saw eight police officers and knew they were looking for this guy," Skaggs recalled.

So far, Skaggs has received five similar visits. In each case, the man officers were looking for is 32-year-old Weston Oram.

Oram was released from the Utah State Prison on parole several years ago and his last address is listed as Skaggs' home. He was arrested in the basement long before Jim Skaggs ever moved in. 

Knocks to Skaggs' door should stop now that officers have found Oram. He was arrested Monday night and booked into the Weber County Jail for investigation of a parole violation.

Whenever police are looking for someone, they show up in teams and are armed for their own safety. Police say it's not uncommon for situations like this to happen because addresses can't always be updated, especially if the suspect is on the move.

Officers said they can't delete an address because it's on record, but they are looking into whether they can add a clarification note. A U.S. Marshals Service representative said they have now updated their records about Oram's whereabouts.

Contributing: Viviane Vo-Duc