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Mike Anderson, Deseret News
Kristen and Jason McNinch went to their storage unit near 1650 North and 150 West in North Logan Friday and discovered that half of their belongings had been stolen.

LOGAN — An unexpected job offer in Logan had the McNinchs overjoyed. But that soon changed to despair when most of their belongings were stolen out of a storage unit.

Kristen and Jason McNinch recently sold their home in Lehi and moved in with relatives while searching for a home. They placed most of their possessions in a storage unit near 1650 North and 150 West in North Logan. On Friday, they went to put more things in their storage unit and as soon as they arrived, they knew something was wrong.

"As soon as we drove up, I could see the lock was clipped," she said. Half of their belongings were gone. “With the lock still being on the door, it kind of felt like maybe they had come back a couple of times and just took a bunch of loads.”

The thieves took a new refrigerator, couches, washer and dryer, as well as smaller items like DVDs, fishing gear and tools.

“It was a big shock,” he said. “We didn’t really know how to feel.”

“We’ve been doing a lot of moving and living out of boxes as it is,” she said. “So this is just to top it all off, not to have our stuff with us and then go to check on it and it’s gone.”

The storage unit also had random boxes, so the couple isn’t exactly sure what was stolen. A lot of the items were collected over their five-year marriage. While the thieves took a lot of high-ticket items, it’s the little things that are harder to replace.

“Some of the things that didn’t have any resale value that was kind of taken in the mayhem, little anniversary gifts, things that we’ve had passed down from grandparents who passed on,” he said.

Police say storage sheds are a big problem. Over the weekend police received a couple of calls about storage break-ins.

“Typically, there’s not a lot of patrol around them,” North Park Police Sgt. John Italasano said. “People buy locks that aren’t resistant to bolt-cutters. They typically have real thin doors.”

The storage units where they kept their belongings had no cameras or security, she said.

Police officers took prints at the scene, but the McNinches said they were told even if the thief or thieves were caught, there was little chance the couple would get their stuff back.

They now have a better lock and have insured their remaining possessions. They plan to put it in a more secure location. They say at least $15,000 worth of items were taken. Their future is looking grim, but they are trying to rebuild their life. None of the items stolen were covered by insurance. They set up the website rebuildmcninch.chipin.com/rebuild-our-life for anyone who wants to help them.

“You never think that somebody’s gonna rob you,” she said, “especially here in Logan where it’s mostly quiet and you don’t see a lot of that kind of stuff.”

Contributing: Viviane Vo-Duc