SANDY — One man is in the hospital with stab wounds and two others are in jail following an argument that turned violent early Sunday morning.

Police say Robertson Hulligan, 28, and Samuel Holliday, 26, were with two other men inside an apartment at 8600 South and 300 East about 3 a.m. when something upset Hulligan and Holliday. The men had been drinking, police said.

During the argument, the two men pinned one of the other men up against the wall, and Hulligan allegedly stabbed the man in the neck, said Sandy Police Lt. Justin Chapman.

The man was able to get away but sustained severe cuts to his hand, "some down to the the bone," Chapman said.

The stabbing victim ran to a nearby house to get help. A 911 call was placed from the house, but the man was gone before police arrived, he said.

"We did locate him a short time later in the neighborhood," Chapman said. "He was given medical attention and taken to a local hospital."

The man was undergoing surgery for his neck injury Sunday, he said.

One of the men surrendered to police when they arrived at the apartment. The other, however, went back inside the apartment, locked the door and refused to communicate with police, Chapman said.

"Because of that and because of the violent action that had just occurred, we did call in the SWAT team," he said. "The SWAT team arrived, entered the home and took him into custody without any further incident."

Hulligan and Holliday were booked into the Salt Lake County Jail for investigation of attempted murder.

Jared Page