Hasbro Inc.
Bop It! Smash is the latest iteration of the Bop It! game franchise.

Bop It! is a popular reaction-skill toy that has been around for many years in several iterations. The latest version is called Bop It! Smash, and it retains the fun design, snarky voice and addictive game play. Players grab each end of the toy with their hands and watch a pulsating light go back and forth in a variety of patterns.

The goal is to press both sides of the toy at the precise moment the light reaches the center display. Five points are awarded if the player gets it perfect; one point is given if he catches the light in the display just before or just after the center.

Players have three chances to get it right. Extra chances are given for doing well. The game has advancing levels of difficulty, and the toy keeps track of the high score. Additionally, three different modes exist: solo; "pass it," which enables friends to get involved cooperatively; and multiplayer, which allows up to six players to compete to see who is the fastest.

Bop It! Smash moves fast, so players need excellent reflex timing. Compete in bonus rounds for extra points without worrying about losing the game.

Is it better than the original? I prefer the previous version of Bop It!, but this version is different enough that it plays like a totally different game. One warning, though: it is highly addictive.

For digital gamers, Hasbro recently released the free Bop It! Smash mobile app and Facebook game to allow game fans to enjoy multiple platforms. If you have an e-device and some free time, give it a try!

Ryan Morgenegg is a multimedia specialist for the Deseret News.