Mary Cybulski, Universal Pictures
Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross in a scene from "The Bourne Legacy."

Points for Parents: “The Bourne Legacy”

  • Violence/danger: There are many action sequences that rely heavily on violence. This is a story about a trained killer, and his instinct is to act. The violence includes hand-to-hand combat, guns and a missile or two. This is a chase film, so the main characters are almost always in peril and always looking over their shoulders.
  • Language/profanity: A few “swears” are thrown out during the film, mostly by those who are angered by a situation. There are no characters that just use profanity to be noticed.
  • Nudity: There is no nudity or sensuality. In fact, the two main characters don’t even kiss, although there is a connection between them.
The filmmakers are trying to continue the “Bourne” series with a different character and a different agency. This film does not really advance the story any more than adding a few characters and a new main spy. The film just sort of ends, and there really is not a resolution. Of course, the conflict in the story isn’t all that strong either. A 13-plus audience would be fine seeing this film. That age group is able to recognize that violence is not good and that this is just a story.

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