Barry Wetcher, Columbia Pictures
Meryl Streep as Kay Soames, left, and Tommy Lee Jones as Arnold Soames in "Hope Springs."

Sexuality/intimacy: This film deals with an empty-nest couple who are deep into their habits. They go to intensive couples counseling. Intimate details are discussed in an appropriate counseling setting. The details are handled in a frank and appropriate manner. No nudity is shown in the film, but the main characters are seen in bed together touching, and there is some intimacy.

Language: The topics discussed in the therapy sessions are intimate in nature. The language used is appropriate without any slang, but still information that couples would only share with each other. There is some profanity in the film but not of a sexual nature.

Expectations: This film is being advertised as a comedy, and there are comedic scenes, but some may be surprised by the seriousness of this film. Don’t think Steve Carell is playing a funny therapist. You may be surprised how understated his character is.

“Hope Springs” is an intimate, funny and serious look at the problems some couples find after being married and become too comfortable with old habits. The level of intimacy in this film is that of a married couple. If you are comfortable with your kids seeing that on screen, then by all means, let them see this film. This film is a judgment call for parents but it would probably be best for a 16-plus audience.

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