A desert dust storm approaches the Gilbert Arizona Temple.

Ward visit: Jumping off of Michael Otterson’s Washington Post column asking reporters to visit wards to see “What makes Mormons tick” this blogger describes what reporters would have seen if they had visited her branch this past Sunday: "1. An outpouring of love, support and concern over someone who just (barely) survived a massive heart attack. 2. The distress of the young people who requested the roller skating activity that resulted in the heart attack. 3. The victim's wife's assurance to the young people that being at the roller skating rink probably saved the victim's life because an EMT was at the rink who administered immediate and crucial care and the easy proximity of the hospital made quick transport of the victim possible. 4. The administration of a priesthood blessing to the victim where healing was promised, giving us all faith that the victim would survive.” And six other points that follow this same trajectory. Love it!

Conference resource: Larry Richman points out another great general conference resource: “The site LDS Videos (, not an official church site) has a collection LDS General Conference videos from 1972 to the present. You can select conference talks by speaker, topic or conference.” Cool. Click in to learn more.

Temple photo: I was blown away (sorry for the pun) at these photos of the Gilbert Arizona Temple in front of an upcoming “Desert Haboob” (an Arabic word meaning intense dust storm). Beautiful but unpredictable nature mixed with serene temple.

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