SANDY — Canyons School District has slightly altered the time frame to submit requests to attend a school other than the one assigned by geographic boundaries.

The school open-enrollment application window for the 2013-14 school year started Aug. 1. Applications will be taken until Nov. 1.

Parents of children who currently attend school on an out-of-boundary permit will need to submit another application during this open-enrollment window.

This one-time variance to the permit process, which is usually held from December to February, will help the district ensure proper staffing levels when Canyons schools adopt a new grade structure.

The new configuration, approved by the Canyons Board of Education in 2010, moves ninth-graders into the high schools, and creates middle schools of sixth through eighth grades, and elementary schools of kindergarten through fifth grades.

Open-enrollment applications can be accessed at any Canyons District school or the Canyons Administration Building, 9150 S. 500 West. Applications should be submitted directly to the school where parents would like their child to be enrolled.

For more information, call 801-826-5181.