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Loksak's products are displayed at the Outdoor Retailer convention. The iPad and iPhone are still usable even though it's in a fish tank. The card next to the phone invites consumers to call the phone, proving it still works.

PARK CITY — Even though many doubted her product had stronger features than a Ziploc bag, Linda Kennedy knew she had a beneficial product.

"I wanted to invent a product that could go as deep as I wanted to go for as long as I was down and I could take things such as passport, credit cards all the important things like that," Kennedy, owner of the company Loksak, INC said.

Loksak, INC originated in Park City and created a bag that provides protection from sand, water, snow and humidity. The film doesn't puncture if keys or other materials are in it. The reusable bags can keep food fresh and electronics like smart phones and tablets can still work through the bag.

Kennedy continues to own 100 percent of the business after starting the company on credit cards because of lack of money.

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"I've done it at a pace where I've never had to sell out to anybody and now the company has no debt — nothing," Kennedy said. Though she began going to college, she left to continue to keep her job training dolphins and whales.

"I have the entrepreneur spirit," she said. "I don't give up on anything."

Because many didn't believe in her product, Kennedy spent a lot of money giving the product away freely to people so they could try it out for themselves. Once they did her company Loksak, INC took off.

Though the company is based in Utah, Loksak, INC extends to European countries and Asian countries, with the U.S. Army using Kennedy's product for biohazard material.