Closing on a mortgage in Utah will cost $3,724, down from last year's $4,906.

The cost to close on a mortgage in Utah has dropped 24 percent since last year, according to That surpasses the national average, where the cost to close on a $200,000 mortgage has dropped seven percent to $3,754.

For those wanting to close on a mortgage in Utah, it will cost $3,724, which dropped from last year's $4,906, according to a news release.

Fees have also dropped. Though origination fees dropped only one percent, title insurance and other third-party fees were down 12 percent from last year, according to the release. Fees, however, vary depending on the lender.

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"The main lesson of this survey for consumers is to shop around for at least three different estimates," said Greg McBride, senior financial analyst. "While no one is going to move to a new state just because closing costs are lower it's important for people to realize that there is variation even within their neighborhood and that they can save by being an education consumer."

New York has the most expensive closing costs for the third consecutive year, at and average of $5,435, while Missouri with a $3,006 average, is the lowest in the nation, according to the report.