This blogger spreads Olympic spirit via these sweet cupcakes.

I don’t know about you, but it’s been marvelous to watch the world come together in international competitive but cooperative spirit at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. The stories of overcoming trials and long hours of practice paying off have been so uplifting. Bloggers are also taking part in the Olympic spirit in posting ways they are sharing the Olympics with their families and friends. Here are a few gold-medal worthy examples.

This “Little Family” is having fun putting on it own “Family Olympics” including playing sports and making torches, cupcakes, shirts and medals. It looks so fun. Click in to read all of this blogger’s ideas and then perhaps implement a few into your own family activities.

Staying on the theme of Olympic goodies, these two bloggers present Olympic-themed recipes sure to win over the pickiest of judges. First try these “Team USA Crepes” from the Bountiful Kitchen. And then finish off with some “Mini Olympic Torch Cupcakes” from The Home Teacher. Mmm!

Share this video from the Mormon Channel with your family and friends. It is s a stirring example of “A Mormon Olympian” who was determined to do what it took to make the Olympics. Andrew Rutherfurd is competing for Bolivia and explains how his faith and missionary service prepared him to compete on the world’s stage. Click in and watch!

Finally, I loved how this blogger outlined “Why We All Need the Olympic Spirit.” The whole post is so worth reading, but here’s an inspiring excerpt: “No matter where we live. No matter what language we speak. No matter our religious affiliations, political persuasions, circumstance or struggle. No matter our place on the road of life we must travel, we each have our unique chance to earn our place, to achieve what we came here to do and to embrace our opportunity. God bless you, dear Olympians, for the spirit of endurance, courage and hope you give to our world!

Now let’s find other winning Bloggernacle posts from the past week:

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Power pick: “Run and not be weary, walk and finish last” is just one of the clever sayings that are littered throughout the website touting the upcoming Saints and Sinners Half-Marathon and Team Relay. This race purports to be the “first-ever LDS half-marathon and team relay intended to bring LDS runners together to run for a good cause.” And as organizer Heidi Parks explains, “We are all volunteering our time so 100 percent of the proceeds can go to foreign missionary service for underprivileged members.” In fact, their cause is described in greater detail here: “Inspired by the January 2011 Ensign story of Sedrick Tshiambine of the DR Congo, we have decided to give 100 percent of all proceeds to young women and young men who would not be able to serve a mission without the help of others. In order for Sedrick to serve a mission, he had to earn enough money to purchase a passport, which is $250 (about 2/3 the cost of building a home there). For four years Sedrick cycled nine to 19 miles a day across the hot African savanna to outlying villages to purchase bananas, which he would then return to the city to sell. Sedrick averaged about 112 miles a week, earning him $1.25 each week or $65 a year. Undaunted, he continued carrying his heavy-laden bicycle until he had enough to purchase his passport four years later. The purpose of our race is not only to gather runners together to have a good time achieving something physically great, but helping others achieve something spiritually great at the same time.” Awesome, and so inspiring.

Techie tip: Last week I highlighted the menu changes on (more info here) and Larry Richman delves into detail about the new “Languages on” He explains that “when you click the icon of the globe in the upper right corner of any page on, you’re now presented with a list of 100 languages.” Whoa! And click in to read more how the church is truly opening up into the world as its resources are made available in so many international tongues.

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