In the eyes of Trevor Robinson, there were no substantial meals in the outdoor snacking world — only bars and candy.

After seeing a need for a healthier, heartier snack, Robinson created Primitive Fuels, a specialized trail mix for outdoor enthusiasts.

Primitive Fuels is similar to a traditional trail mix, but peanuts, raisins and candy are replaced with things like dried blueberries, meats and walnuts.

“We wanted to create a complete meal,” Robinson said. “There are so many protein bars and protein drinks, but there is no food. There is nothing that is quick and convenient that is also healthy and tastes good.”

Robinson’s mix has been around since 2010. Famous Brand International, owner of Mrs. Fields and TCBY, recently acquired the snack, and Robinson now serves as the manager of sales and operation for Primitive Fuels.

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Long before creating Primitive Fuels, Robinson was starting his first entrepreneurial ventures at 18 years old after graduating from Highland high school. He began with a chain of supplement stores called Custom Fit Nutrition, which he later sold after turning 21.

Robinson went on to start Custom Fit Personal Training, a private training gym. He would often make snacks similar to Primitive Fuels for his clients at Custom Fit.

“In a way we’re almost tricking people into eating healthy because we’re marketing as a snack,” Robinson said. “It just so happens that if you’re a meat-snack lover you’ll love it because our meat is unbelievable, and it’s top-level health."


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