TAYLORSVILLE — Unified police say they expect to review the case of a fatal motorcycle crash involving the rider's 1-year-old son with the Salt Lake County District Attorney's Office in about a week.

That's when investigators are expected to determine whether or not to file criminal charges.

Shannon Moore, 48, was riding a motorcycle in the parking lot of the Bridgeside Apartment Complex, 4251 S. Bridgeside Way (700 West), Sunday afternoon with his 1-year-old son, Richard, on the bike.

Police say Moore lost control of the motorcycle while making a 90-degree turn. He had placed his son on the gas tank between him and the handlebars and was driving at an excessive rate of speed when he attempted to make the turn, said Unified police officer Levi Hughes. Both Moore and his son were tossed from the motorcycle. Hughes said 30 feet of skid marks were left by the motorcycle. The speed limit for the parking lot area is posted at 10 mph.

Richard was pronounced dead at the scene. Shannon Moore was taken to the hospital in fair condition.

Witnesses told investigators they had seen Moore driving with a child on his motorcycle before.

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