Erin Hong, Deseret News
Utah-based HybridLight releases longer-lasting flashlight that is waterproof, shock resistant and runs on solar power.

Years ago, Terry Peterson, founder and owner of HybridLight in St. George, Utah, designed a solar-powered flashlight. But the world wasn't ready for it, said Peterson.

Peterson had to innovate his product if he wanted his business to make money. So he made the hybrid flashlight. The hybrid flashlight can run off of solar energy and can hold a charge for up to three years without use. If the flashlight doesn't have enough solar energy stored, it can use power from two coin cell lithium batteries that come with the flashlight.

The flashlight will get the best charge from the sun but any kind of light will give it some charge, said Peterson. The flashlight is also waterproof, shock resistant, floats and is pretty durable, said Peterson. "You can drive over it," he said.

Peterson started HybridLight seven years ago with the hybrid flashlight being his first product. Hybrid light also makes hybrid spotlights and lanterns. But Peterson has been working on the hybrid flashlight for years and said now it's finally ready to really hit the market.

Peterson said the flashlight is great for daily use but that it's also great to have in case of emergencies.

The economy has been hard on HybridLight, but it also helped the company control its growth, said Peterson.

The various types of lights are also smart economically and good for the environment, said Jeff Bickel, director of sales and marketing at HybridLight. Families won't have to buy batteries for flashlights anymore and the flashlight only costs $20, he said. Three billion batteries are put into landfills every year, but the lithium batteries combined with the solar power mean owners of hybrid flashlights will throw away fewer batteries, said Bickel.