TAYLORSVILLE  — A 1-year-old boy sitting on a motorcycle in front of his father died Sunday after the motorcycle went out of control and crashed in an apartment complex.

Unified Police Authority spokesman Levi Hughes said the 2:40 p.m. accident happened in the Bridgeside Apartment Complex, 4251 S. Bridgeside Way (700 West).

The toddler's father placed him on the gas tank between him and the handlebars and was driving at an excessive rate of speed when he tried to negotiate a turn, Hughes said. Although the father attempted to slow down, he was unable to do so in time and the motorcycle went out of control, with both him and son flying off, Hughes said.

The father was taken to an area hospital for his injuries, while the boy was pronounced dead at the scene.

Names of the victim and his father have not yet been released.

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