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Tom Smart, Deseret News
The Outdoor Retailer Summer Market show Thursday, Aug. 2, 2012, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

SALT LAKE CITY — It’s not often people get to experience new technology before its public release. But there are plenty of opportunities in downtown Salt Lake this weekend for the lucky folks attending the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market.

The event, which attracts 1,200 vendors, nearly 27,000 attendees and generates almost $25 million in visitor spending — features the newest and most innovative products in the outdoor recreation industry. Here's a look at some of the gadgets creating buzz at the market.

• New clothing technology by Columbia features tiny blue rings that cool down when the body sweats. The proprietary Omni-Freeze ZERO technology can drop the body’s comfort index about five degrees, according to spokesman Scott Trepanier. Next spring, the company will debut the technology across its line of apparel including men’s and women’s shirts, headwear, accessories and footwear. Retail price: $30-$135. www.columbia.com/Omni-Freeze/Technology_Omni-Freeze,default,pg.html

• Dual Snowboards has developed a new way to enjoy the slopes by combining the freedom and convenience of skiing with the maneuverability of snowboarding at its research and development facility in Orem. The mini boards are compatible with current bindings and allow riders to avoid having to latch and unlatch when using lifts or entering different terrain. Retail price: $299. www.dualsnowboards.net/index.html

• The ALLY Folding Canoe is made of Polyvinyl chloride or PVC and has an interlocking framework of tubular aluminum stays and ribs held together with spring-loaded shock cords. At the bottom, between the framework and the reinforced skin, there is a closed cell foam mat that insulates and provides flotation. Also, if damaged, the skin can be repaired using patch material in much the same way tire inner tubes are repaired. Coming in a variety of sizes, the fully functioning canoe can be folded into a backpack carrying case. When packed, the 16-foot model weights just 44 pounds for easy storage and transport. Retail price: $1,867 - $2,387. www.allycanoes.com/

• For those iPhone lovers, another Utah company has developed a waterproof case that allows the device to be fully functional underwater. Manufactured in Logan, the DriCat by E.K. Ekcessories can be submerged down to 18 feet and also allows users to take underwater photos and video. The case is sand and dust proof as well. It can be worn around the neck with a lanyard or hung from a belt or pack with a carabiner. Retail price: $59.99. ekusa.com/icat-1

• For the traveler, Road Warrior Sports, based in Appleton, Wisc., has developed a lightweight sport trailer that can be towed by most small cars. The Atlas 8 has a 73-cubic foot storage capacity with two separate waterproof compartments with a removable tailgate and storage covers. The trailer can be painted to match any vehicle. Retail price: $5,695. roadwarriorsport.com/

• For those enthusiasts looking to document their adventures with video, Epic is debuting the water resistent Carbine HD high definition video camera that produces 1080P video and weighs only four ounces with three AAA batteries installed. The camera can be strap or helmet mounted and offers a 170-degree diagonal view angle and a 32GB flash memory. Retail price: $219.99. www.epicactioncam.com/

• New Hampshire-based Jetboil Inc. offers a personal cooking system called Flash — an all-in-one design that combines a butane-powered burner and cooking vessel in one unit. The insulating cozy has a color-changing heat indicator that signals when contents are hot. Retail price: $99.95. www.jetboil.com/

• In need of a reliable way to start a campfire, Utility Flame is a light, inexpensive solution. The clear, odorless, non-toxic, water-soluble gel can be easily ignited and burns at 1,200 degrees for up to 15 minutes. It is non-explosive is safe to transport by aircraft or through the mail. It will also boil water, cook food and dry wet clothing. The gel comes in 1.25-ounce foil pouches and converts to sand residue making it easy to clean up. Retail price: $9.99 for three pouches. www.utilityflame.com/

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• For personal protection, Kimber America offers the Pepper Blaster II that shoots a powerful spray that will disable an attacker for up to 45 minutes at a range of 2 feet to 13 feet with a charge velocity of 112 miles per hour. The disposable device has a three-year shelf life and weighs slightly more than four ounces. Retail price: $39.95. www.pepperblaster.com

• For those trekkers and campers wanting a lightweight, portable relaxation solution, there is the parachute hammock by Ticket to the Moon. Lightweight, strong and foldable, the hammock sets up in less than a minute, is rot-resistant and machine washable. Retail price range: $25 - $60. www.ticketothemoon.com/en/parachute-hammock.html.

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