Michael Gibson, Columbia Pictures
This film image released by Columbia Pictures shows Jessica Biel, right, and Colin Farrell in a scene from the action thriller "Total Recall."

Points for Parents: ‘Total Recall’

  • Violence: This is a chase film where the antagonist wants the protagonist dead, so there is a good bit of violence that starts right from the beginning of the film. It picks up again about a third of the way through to almost the end. This includes close hand-to-hand combat, guns and explosives, and using guns as blunt objects.
  • Language: There is some profanity but not really anything that goes to excess. There is one use of the F-word.
  • Nudity/sensuality: A woman does reveal her chest, but it's clearly not real. The same gag was used in the Schwarzenegger version. Kate Beckinsale is in bed in sleepwear, and she and Colin Farrell kiss in bed.
  • Drinking/drugs: One man takes a beer from his refrigerator. He then decides to go to a bar. Upon exiting the bar, his friend says he probably drank too much. Memories are inserted into the brain via a solution, so there are needles being stuck into people.
"Total Recall" is a fun film. Still, it probably is better suited for a 15–plus audience, due to the violence and the nudity, than for a 13-plus crowd. There is only the one quick scene of nudity, which will surprise viewers. If you think you can deal with it, then you will enjoy the rest of the film. The story is a bit different — and better — than the previous version.

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