SALT LAKE CITY — It worked at the pizza place but fell flat at the cake shop.

Two days after making off with $100 from a Little Caesars, Jerry Michael Moore, 39, was rebuffed by employees when he attempted to rob City Cakes & Cafe, 282 E. 900 South, according to charges filed Wednesday in 3rd District Court.

Police say Moore entered the cake shop on June 27 and handed an employee a note that stated, "This is a robbery."

The employee told Moore she wouldn't give him any money. Moore, of Salt Lake City, told the employee not to take the robbery personally, adding that it was "between him and police," according to the charges. Moore then fled the store.

Two days earlier, Moore presented a note to employees at Little Caesars, 2104 S. 700 East. Employees complied, giving the man a $20 bill and a few $5s, charges state. Moore then allegedly leaned over the counter and grabbed a roll of quarters and some loose change from the cash register.

He then fled the store and rode away on a bike, charges state.

An Adult Probation and Patrol agent recognized Moore in surveillance footage from Little Caesars. Moore later told police he took approximately $100 from the pizza store. He also said he'd been "high on spice" for the past few weeks, according to the charges.

Moore faces single counts of second-degree felony robbery for each incident.