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Scene from the seminary classic "The Phone Call."

'Phone Call': Have 24.04 minutes to relive your seminary days? Or be introduced to a Mormon cult classic? “The Phone Call” was just uploaded to the Mormon Messages YouTube channel and already has thousands of hits. Click in to see why this little movie made such a big impact for seminary students in the past 30-plus years.

FAIR Conference: Tomorrow marks the beginning of the “2012 Fair Conference.” I’m happy to announce once again it will be providing a live feed (for a fee) of either day or both for those unable to attend in person. I’ve used this in years past, and it’s a nice system. Click in to listen to Neylan McBaine, Daniel Peterson, Royal Skousen and many others.

Mormon stereotype: “‘Who wants the Mormon girl in their class? No one said anything. I guess the other teachers did not want her on their roll. I didn’t say anything because I was stunned. I had taught for years, but was newly hired at this school. My principal had called a meeting with my grade level before the school year started to discuss class lists. Unless a child has older siblings who have attended a school, nothing may be known about them before they enter kindergarten. Good principals try to divide the behavior problem students, and even time-consuming parents, if they know about them. I finally found my voice. ‘I’ll take her!’ I blurted out. The other teachers all stared at me like I was nuts.” This well-written essay shows how one Mormon teacher shows the truth behind a pointless stereotype.

The Phone Call

The Phone Call, 1977

The sometimes amusing frustrations and anxieties of adolescent courtship are depicted as a young man attempts to secure a date with his dream girl.

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