Screenshot of the Eyre's offer of free parenting books on their website.

“We measure our success by our reach.” So explains parenting guru and Deseret News columnist Richard Eyre, in describing the reasons he and his wife Linda are hoping to offer all 41 of their parenting books online for free. It so important that these are offered free, they even put “free” in their website

Why for free? Richard Eyre explains: “We think the reason we have had some success in doing this kind of thing partially because we don’t have much pride of authorship — we simply pass on any good idea we find and invite other parents to do the same….We are now at a point where we want to carry this spirit of sharing and giving to the next level. Our goal is to make all 41 of the books we have published available for free to anyone who wants to go on line and read them. It will take us a while to make all of our books free, because there are copyrights involved.”

So far, they have 9 books uploaded for free download, with one to two planned to be added each month. They also plan to offer Kindle book versions for $2 each, and $5 paperback copies, which includes the shipping. So check back often.

In doing this they hope to pass on the message to all parents “that not only are their families their highest priority — they are also the source of their greatest and most lasting joy.”

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