Sam Emerson, Summit Entertainment
"Step Up Revolution"

  • Nudity and Sensuality: This story is based in Miami, so beaches and resorts are everywhere. The filmmakers must have hired a whole modeling agency to get this many girls in bikinis. Some men are seen with no shirt on. Many of the dance moves throughout the film are very suggestive.
  • Language: The characters do not use much profanity. However, there are some lyrics in the music that some may not like or will even find offensive, despite the lyrics being difficult to understand.
  • Moral messages? The one good thing about this film is that despite long odds, the dance groups stays true to their goal. Unfortunately, it is also shown as being on the edge of breaking the law. At one point, two members are arrested.
  • This film would be OK for ages 15-plus. After checking the lyrics for the songs in this film, I hope they used the clean versions in the movie — because they would give the film an R rating. We may never know since the lyrics are hard to understand.

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