WEST JORDAN — A man who was either trying to defend himself or break up a fight was taken to a local hospital after pulling out a gun and shooting himself in the foot.

West Jordan police were called to a fight involving at least nine people about 2 a.m. Wednesday near 3850 West and 7000 South. Both parties claimed the other started the incident, said West Jordan Police Sgt. Drew Sanders.

A 30-year-old man was taken to the hospital after being shot in the foot by his own gun, he said. The man claimed he had gotten out of his car and was "jumped" by six men and was shot while struggling to reach his weapon.

Another story being told was the man twice took his gun out of his holster in an attempt to stop a fight in progress, and on the second time someone grabbed his arm and caused him to accidentally shoot himself, Sanders said.

Police were still sorting through evidence and interviews Wednesday to figure out what happened. No one had been arrested as of Wednesday.

Pat Reavy Twitter: DNewsCrimeTeam