OREM — A state grant from the Walmart Foundation will aid senior citizens who face daily hunger.

A $50,000 grant from the Walmart Foundation was awarded last month to the Mountainland Foundation, which has seen its government funding cut.

The Mountainland Foundation will be partnering with Meals on Wheels and senior centers throughout Summit and Wasatch counties to provide meals to seniors who are living below the poverty line and cannot afford regular meals for themselves.

"Helping the most vulnerable in the community is important, as we are assisting seniors who are typically living alone, who have no family close by, and have limited means to support themselves," said Mountainland Foundation director Stephen Lyon.

Due to cutbacks, the foundation has transitioned from government funds to grants and donations to help provide those meals to seniors.

The grant will be used to pay Meals on Wheels, which will deliver meals to seniors in Summit and Wasatch counties. Volunteers will be help deliver 50 percent of those meals to help reduce costs.

Through Mountainland, an estimated 300,000 meals will be delivered to homebound seniors and senior centers five days a week for the rest of the year, according to Lyon.

Utah ranks 34th in the nation in seniors who do not have assurance of day to day meals and the foundation is expecting those numbers to go up. Mountainland is hoping to provide meals and help aid the 6.5 percent of seniors who cannot afford daily food in those counties.

Julian Reyes

Twitter: @_JulianReyes_