This Tongan quilt brings back powerful memories for one senior missionary couple.

Tongan missionaries: “Sometimes you choose, sometimes you’re chosen. Jim and I chose to come to Tonga. We continue to choose to be here . . . But there is another missionary couple working here in Tonga who did not volunteer for this country. They simply put in their application with the comment 'send us where we are needed.' Elder and Sister Bean are a humble, loving, considerate pair of people who would blossom anywhere they were planted, but there is a design apparent in their assignment here.” Oh, this sweet blog post chronicles the power of senior couple missionary work and the sweetness of service, all tied up in some beautiful quilts. Please click in.

Mormon amputee: “Ingrid Maldonado lost her legs, but still stands tall. When you look in her eyes, you will not find frailty, but strength. You will not see fear, but hope.” This is so true of the newest feature, which is completely in Spanish. Even for non-Spanish speakers, Maldonado’s strength of spirit completely shines. Check it out and be inspired.

Pioneer FHE: With July 24 on Tuesday, you may be looking for the perfect pioneer family home evening. This one should fit the bill. Find out why we celebrate Pioneer Day and see pioneer stories, games, activities and some delicious pioneer treats!

Couples FHE: Maybe you are married without children, or perhaps your last child has just left the coop. Either way, these “30+ Family Home Evening Ideas for Young Couples” are lovely ways to spend a Monday night. Here are a few examples: “Have a game night, riding bikes, throw Frisbees at the park or go on a hike.” Or “Plant a tree or some flowers. Discuss faith in Alma 32:28-43.” Or even “Start a Family Journal. Write in it together about the joys and struggles you are facing and how your family has been blessed.” There’s more, so click in!

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