SALT LAKE CITY — A group of schoolchildren was evacuated to a fire station Friday after chemicals were circulated into their school.

The Salt Lake Fire Department was called to the Intermountain Healthcare Child Development Center, 259 S. 500 East, around 1:15 p.m., on reports of a "chemical odor" in the air.

The department's hazardous material team arrived and evacuated the building, including 101 children and nine adults, said Salt Lake fire spokesman Jasen Asay. Two of the adults reported feeling ill and were evaluated by paramedics, but did not require hospitalization.

Asay said the hazmat team was able to determine the chemicals Xylene and Toluene were in the air. The chemicals were in an adhesive being used by roofers who were preparing to install a new roof on the building.

"The adhesive was used near a vent and was sucked into the air conditioning system and distributed throughout the building," Asay said.

Firefighters placed fans through the building to help ventilate and decided to keep the building empty for the rest of the day. The children were taken to a nearby Salt Lake fire station, 211 S. 500 East, where they were taken on a tour and given crayons and coloring books until their parents arrived.

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