Rose M. Prouser, Associated Press and CNN
Talk show host Larry King is shown on the set of his program "Larry King Live," at the CNN studios in Los Angeles. King gives tips on memorable interviews.

SALT LAKE CITY — Gathering the best answers is important when conducting an interview. TV interviewer Larry King, known for interviewing various iconic figures, gives tips on how to give a memorable interview on HireVue.

Interviews are memorable if the interviewer remembers them years later, King said in the video. King is most known for his nightly interview show "Larry King Live," which had aired on CNN.

One of his memorable interviews came after asking Vice President Hubert Humphrey a question from an interview King had done 20 years earlier, according to the video.

"If you remember it, it means it was important. Keep that in mind when you ask questions: How will this answer resonate?" said King. "Can you take something from an interview that you can use years later?"