Hugh Nibley, in a less serious moment.

Hugh Nibley: Who’d have thought it? Hugh Nibley having his own Twitter feed and now web site! The Twitter feed is run by the Hugh Nibley family and friends, but is set up to be quotes from the famous LDS scholar as if he was tweeting them each day. Love it! His website, also run by family and friends, is just getting off the ground, but it is exciting since it is called “Hugh Nibley: Off the Record” and will include photos, letters and writings not necessarily meant for publication. In fact, you should read the “About” page to understand some of the caveats associated with this project. But so far, I’ve been delighted by the photo of his “muse,” as well as a letter announcing the arrival of a baby boy: “Yesternoon little Oofus came forth — male gender, large and mighty of limb and voice.” Click in to be delighted and inspired.

Ezra Project: I saw this on LDS author Annette Lyone’s Facebook feed and just had to share: “Incredibly cool, started by my cousin-in-law: The Ezra Project, to honor what would have been his first birthday. Create baby Ezra's name in some way, take a picture of it and email it to Darlyn, who is putting it all together. If you have a few minutes, take a photo, add any details about the location it was taken that you like and send it to [email protected] The wider this spreads, the better!” As the link above explains, “This is a project for a friend who lost her 2-month-old baby boy to SIDS. We are collecting versions of his name from all over the world to show his parents that Ezra's name is still being said.” Click into the link to see some of the photos already uploaded. So beautiful and inspiring!

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