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Alie Cole Hostetter, a teacher at North Start Academy in Bluffdale, died after she was hit by a bus on Wednesday.

MURRAY — A good Samaritan who was hit by a bus while trying to help a person who had crashed on a scooter has died from her injuries.

Alie Cole Hostetter, 26, was standing on the sidewalk near 310 E. 4500 South about 3 p.m. Wednesday when a woman on a scooter got into a minor accident. The scooter did not hit another vehicle, but "went down" for an unknown reason, according to police.

But as Hostetter stepped off the curb to help the woman, she walked into the path of an oncoming UTA bus, according to police. Investigators said the bus driver was not at fault and would not be cited.

Hostetter was a middle school teacher at North Star Academy, a charter school in Bluffdale where she taught history.

She was planning on leaving North Star this year to pursue a master's degree, but could not find a replacement for her position, according to Shari Crawford who has two children who attend the school.

"She just couldn't leave the kids, couldn't find a replacement to leave the kids to, so she was staying another year at North Star because of that," said Crawford. "That was the kind of teacher that she was."

Zac Tueller, who is going into 10th grade, had Hostetter as a teacher last year.

"She always helped people. She was just there for everyone," Zac said Thursday. "She was more than a friend, (more than) a teacher."

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