Nicole Pollard
Andrea Clark's family sports "Vote Andrea" shirts around town to encourage others to help her win $250,000.

The newest "good girl" to compete on a reality show is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and she's out to win it all.

Andrea Clark is one of the remaining contestants on ABC's newest reality show, "The Glass House" (rated TV-14). With a similar premise to "Big Brother," audiences have a say in what players experience, as well as who goes home or goes on to win $250,000.

In the first live stream footage of "The Glass House," shown online, players revealed who they believe to be their biggest threat for the grand prize. Clark was the top pick by other contestants as the one to watch out for. She wrote on the "Glass House" website that she's extremely competitive and that she's "driven by her faith to try her best to always choose the right."

Since the show's debut, Clark has tackled topics with housemates about her religion, including her stance on Proposition 8 and gay marriage. Being the Mormon poster girl on such topics has made her unpopular with some, but Clark has a strong following that's left her as one of the contestants still standing.

Prior to getting married in 2000, Clark lived and worked in Provo. Her husband and family are campaigning for her to win the money that her husband, Kris, says will make all the difference for her family.

"We'd get out of debt and finally buy a house with a yard for our kids. And for two years, our kids have been saving their spare change and birthday money for a trip to Hawaii. We'd love to be able to treat them to the remainder of the funds," Kris Clark said.

His wife is playing against a cast of characters not foreign to the reality show genre. She is housemates with an ex-Playboy model, a bondsman and a cocktail waitress, among others. But her husband believes that she has an edge over the competition.

"(Andrea is) the total package. She has brains, beauty and personality. She can hold her own in any situation," Kris Clark said. "Andrea was raised as the only girl in a family of eight brothers. And she’s passionate about whatever she is pursuing."

Despite the odds, Kris Clark thinks audience participation will work in his wife's favor in the end. He said, "If she does lose, she's prepared to leave with her head held high knowing she did not compromise her morals or values.

"The nice thing about 'The Glass House' is that America picks the winner. There is so many times in reality TV that the 'good girl' doesn’t win because you need to lie, cheat or steal your way to the top."

"The Glass House" airs on ABC on Mondays at 9 p.m. MDT.

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